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Extra Care


East London Care And  Support  Limited  is provider of  care and support in a number of extra care schemes for the past ten years. This has allowed us to gain valuable experience in how best to support individuals living in extra care schemes through ensuring:

  •  Consistency of service provision through consist staffing and well-planned, flexible care and support provision which is fully responsive to the needs of individuals receiving a service from us

  • Partnership work with  LA, and all other agencies involved in delivery of a service to the individual such as local health and mental health services, community and voluntary, employment and educational organisations and support groups as well as family and relatives of the person receiving care and support

  • The suitability of the accommodation for meeting the individual's needs from a variety of prospectives  including   i.e suitability of aids and adaptations, access to local services

  • The relevancy of staff's knowledge, experience and skills to the individual's needs

  • working with a holist approach to care, which also is person centred and enabling

  • Detailed and affective care planning and risk management process

  • Encouraging and support choices for the individual receiving care and support and enabling access

  • Supporting residents to decide on and develop social activities of interest in the form of a community hub 

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