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Accessing The Community 

Whatever your interest and choice of social activity, we are here to help you to find out about the available choices and accessing them. Every day our trained and experienced managers and care staff support many of our customers to gain knowledge of services available in the community and accessing the choices they make such as:  

  • registering for courses and attending school and colleges  

  • accessing employment, training and volunteering  opportunities 

  • staying healthy by registering and attending gym, going for walks, getting involved in activities such as Yoga, walks, Sports activities

  • keeping in touch with friends and family

  • socialising and attending social activities of own choice such as  attending social clubs

  • money management skill, budgeting and managing finances

  • planning, organising and accompanying on holidays and short brake

  • going to the local library

  • sigh-seeing and visiting places of interest

  • attending medical appointments

  • going to places of religious worship 

  • attending events, conferences, meetings

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